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Mattel Pretty Kitty Figure – 1989


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The adorable Pretty Kitty by Mattel. With long purple mane and tail, this vintage toy kitty cat sports a yellow bumble bee cutie mark.


Little Pretty is a toyline of kitties and puppies manufactured by Mattel from 1989-1991.?Little Pretty released seven sets of kitty and puppy figures – The Original Set, Polished Paws, Perfume Pets, Glitter ‘N Grow, Picture Pets, Babies, and Show Offs. Playsets were also released with and without kitty figures. Each kitty and puppy is referred to as being female by their individual backcard stories and also have feminine sounding names. The toys have similar features to Hasbro’s My Little Pony – pastel colors, brushable hair and tail, and a beauty mark (cutie marks) on the left hip. Unlike My Little Pony the heads of Little Pretties could rotate and were easily removed and reattached without damage. Figure molds date back to 1989 (date found on the bottom of the figures and on the back of the head near the neck) even though Little Pretty did not start appearing in dealer catalogs until 1990. 1990 and 1991 were the only years that Mattel included Little Pretty figures in catalogs. International, or European, versions exist but the difference lies in the packaging & names with the figures themselves looking pretty much the same.[4][5]

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